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For Authors

    1. Manuscripts for consideration should be typed in Microsoft Word Document, double-line spacing on a font type of New Times Roman, 12 font size with normal border margin of 1” all round. It should not be more than 4000 words – notes and references inclusive, and should also have an Abstract of not more than 200 words. The author should identify five keywords from the paper immediately below the Abstract for identifying the paper on web search. Paragraphing style should be indented with one tab in 0.5 inches (no block paragraphing, please).

    Note that an Abstract is necessary or important in any academic paper because it is the synopsis of the entire paper. It should sell the paper to the reader and indicate what the paper is all about (introduction), how the author went about doing the paper (method), what the author found out (results).

    1. The manuscript’s title, author(s)’ name(s) and affiliated institution/department and contact details (i.e. phone number and email address) should be identified on the Abstract page only. This is to help to maintain the blind peer review policy of the journal.
    2. The language of the journal is multilingual with English being the primary language, but any other language taught at the university level will be accepted.
    3. The documentation methods acceptable in this journal are MLA style (most recent) and the current APA style. The documentation styles selected should be used in both in-text citations and on the Reference page (otherwise known as Works Cited page in MLA). Furthermore, manuscripts should be rich in literature and references. Efforts should also be made to capture facts; as originality of the materials is of paramount importance.
    4. Tables and figures should be alluded to in the text while allusions to ‘notes’ should be indicated in superscript in the body text. Explanation of the notes should be presented as endnotes at the end of the article, just before the Reference page.
    5. Author(s) shall be responsible for securing any copyright waivers and permissions as may be needed to allow the use of copyrighted materials in their work. Manuscripts submitted to the KIJOSH shall be subjected to plagiarism check and only those that meet the acceptable threshold shall be published

        7. Any article submitted to KIJOSH shall attract N5,000.00 ($15 USD) non-refundable fee for Paper Assessment, and if the paper is     accepted as meeting the requirements for publication in KIJOSH, shall attract N15,000.00 ($45 USD) Page Fee and another        N5,000.00($15 USD) for hosting online, payable into: 

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    Bank Account No: 0098582687.

    Submission deadlines for two editions of the Journal: 30th September for January Edition and 31st March for July Edition.


    ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: The Editor and Chairman of Research and Publications Committee, Mallam Al-Bishak, PhD (MON), Department of English, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, email: [email protected]; mobile: 08135489239, 08058567448.

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